Smart Israelis say "we told you"

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  1. Disengagement warnings fully materialized

    We told you that if you eliminate the Jewish settlements in Gaza, rockets will land in Ashkelon.

    We told you that the Egyptians will not be serving an Israeli interest and that the Europeans will only take care of themselves,

    We told you there is no substitute for Jewish presence and that “moderate” Palestinians, “peace seeking” Arab states, and foreign forces will not prevent infiltrations from the Strip to the Sinai and from there to the Negev

    We told you that the few Qassams fired at Sderot and the mortar shells fired at Jewish settlements constitute a tolerable situation as long as the IDF fights the enemy from within the Gaza Strip’s settlement areas and the settlers handle their suffering with restraint because they went their voluntarily.

    We told you that the soldiers are not protecting the wall, but rather, the city which the wall protects. Yet you were still dissatisfied that the soldiers were “sent to guard the settlers.”

    We told you that there are no Arabs who would accept the “deal” offered by the Left:

    We told you that only settlement activity deters the Arabs because these communities create new roots in the land where the Arabs wish to uproot Jewish existence from.

    We told you that settlement activity and security will always be intertwined, just like the way it was in the days before the State’s establishment.,7340,L-3514127,00.html
  2. With an economy falling off a cliff, America elects Barack Obama, and America disengages, only to have to reengage later, spending more treasure and blood.

    It's Karma. And it won't be denied.