Smallest subnote on the market?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by atticus, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. I am looking for something really tiny, but that runs XP or better. Must have at least one USB 2 (USB 3 not needed). Bluetooth on board would be a plus.
  2. Yeah a clam-shell device if possible.
  3. Gizzz


    Lenonvo X1 carbon
  4. Small, man. Something under 10" screen.
  5. I have seen some Sony note/ultrabooks that have what you need, but I think the smallest they go is 11" now.
  6. Have you looked at MS surface Pro?
  7. Mr_You


    I assume you want USB/bluetooth for an external keyboard? Cause the smaller you go the more useless/annoying the keyboard gets.

    Personally I think the Dell XPS 12 looks pretty appealing for a small tablet/laptop. It has all the CPU/chipset features I want.
  8. Thanks. I wanted to avoid a tablet and separate kbd, but that looks good. I don't want to spec an Atom proc.
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