Small world (or ET really growing?)

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  1. Hey guys, I gotta admit I was quite impressed today with how populer ET is (my fingers almost typed "was" which would have been what my English teacher would have wanted here according to "sequence of tenses", but those rules don't quite work that way here in the US, as I have since repeatedly seen :D)
    Anyway, I'm at this big academic conference right now and I meet several guys. We chat and stuff. I mentioned ET in the conversation. Turns out they too read it from time to time :) One of them actually got a research idea from this board and is working on it now.
    What can I say, way to go ET!
  2. sequence of tenses? If ET <i>is</i> popular, and you found out at the conference, then it follows logically that ET <i>is</i> popular. If your colleagues <i>no longer</i> read ET, then it might be possible that ET <i>was</i> popular, and no longer is.

    But we know that it was popular once, and is now.
  3. I see your logic :) In Russian it would also have been IS. But the way I was taught (the proper British version :), not the American variant) is that regardless of whether it still is, will be etc, once you started out the sentence in the past tense, you gotta keep going in the past (or past continuous/ past perfect depending on the situation).
    I know it probably sounds foreign to you :D. Guess what though? In the "proper" version of Eglish, one shouldn't say "I'm seeing/hearing/thinking etc either. Can't use continous with those. But here in the US it's all over the place. No wonder my Test of English as Foreign Language score was near perfect before I came here. After I spent some time here I took it again and my grammar deteriorated somewhat :D
    Just don't kill the messenger :) I didn't make those rules.
    The funny thing is they got so entrenched in my mind I shudder when I hear the commercial on TV going "I heard it can fly" I almost wanna yell "IT COULD FLY!!!!"
    Peace and happy trading. Too bad I missed the overnight gap today (already yesterday) b/c of this conference.... Would have made quite a bundle...
  4. prox


    ET phone home ?
  5. Wonder how many hits a day this website gets? Anyone want to wager a guess.

    They should trow up one of those counters everyone else has.
  6. Well, both versions are allowed, even in British English, although the one you referred to is more 'kosher', more academically proper from a grammar point of view, but languages do evolve unlike some teachers :D. Your teacher was simply too strict...
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    In terms of traffic, we are doing about two million page views per month and it continues to grow. Here's the YTD traffic chart which goes through the end of Q3:


    According to Alexa, a site that measures web site traffic across the net, we recently surpassed many popular trading sites including, which claims to be the largest site for traders.

    I don't deserve the credit for any of this, of course. It's the members of this site, and the moderators as well, that deserve all the kudos for making this a valuable resource for other traders. Hip Hip Hooray! :D
  8. Wonder how many of those are Aphie's. :p Sorry Aphie, couldn't resist.
  9. Impressive. :cool:
  10. yeah, it's easy to tell this site is growing. if you don't come to ET for a while, when you come back, there's usually a ton of those little icons that indicate new posts since your last visit. a lot more than there used to be.
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