small timer's 1-10 lot live ES video journal

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  1. First live trade of the day was a long 1 ES @ 1609.50 and an add @ 1608.50, sold at 1610 and 1610.50. Not a very good trade, sat through 3 points of heat with a 10pt stop. Was also in the trade over an hour, had to cut video for time.
  2. 6/27/13 - Net P/L +166.96 on 1/1 profitable trades. Ending Balance $110,346.59 USD . Live broadcast will start before market open. There is no hiding losses when live.
  3. 7/02/13 - p/l +709
    7/03/13 - p/l -355 Note to self: do not trade after hours with no stop, gambled that the market would drift up at euro open like it's been doing. With Portugal bonds rising, Egypt instability, Euro/Asian markets down pretty big. Would have been a profitable day without this error.
  4. 7/04/13 - p/l +597 covered puts

    Not trading much today. SPX at resistance 1625.48. Ten Year yield at 2.713 currently, not sure how the market will react when the big timers come back... waiting till Monday.
  5. 7/08/13 - p/l +$70.98 low volume, choppy day, staying out, AA after the bell kicking off earnings. WFC JPM this Fri.
  6. 7/09/13 - p/l +$153.58 small time scalping. China trade balance tonight.
  7. 7/10/13 - p/l +$234.36 ... Waited to buy/short after fed minutes. What ever the first move I buy/short a retracement that is at least 50% of the move. Couple of small trades after this:

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  8. Use the summary tab so we can see the average buys vs. sells. It will make it a lot easier for us.
  9. 7-10-13 - Summary Net P/L +$234.36
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