Small request for futures guys on twitter

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SellCheezsteaks, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Just throwing this out there for futures guys who are on twitter. Rather than use $ES_F $NQ_F, etc. how about adding the letters "fut" to whatever future your tweeting about. $ES_F would be $ESFUT and so on... I am only suggesting this because that stupid underscore character returns all kinds of non-futures related posts. Or keep the current system, I don't really care I just think this change makes searches easier.
  2. wrbtrader


    $ES_F is not unique to twitter which is why it also returns search results with non trading related information when using it as a key word search on twitter. Thus, the tag $ES_F is generally not a good way to look for information about Emini ES futures unless you don't mind reading all the other junk results that comes with that tag.

    In contrast, $ES_F is unique to stocktwits. Thus, whenever you see someone use that $ES_F its most likely via someone sending information through stocktwits while their account is linked to twitter.

    In fact, if you use stocktwits search only (not twitter) via the key word tag $ES_F, you will not get search results via non futures related posts.

    Just the same, if you do a key word search like "Emini ES Futures" on will not see any of the hundreds per day messages about Emini ES Futures being posted on stocktwits unless the poster on stocktwits did something like "$ES_F emini ES futures..."

    Once again, stocktwits and twitter are different (unique from each other) and stocktwits created the $ ticker tag that can also be used on twitter and other social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn).
  3. I don't use stocktwits, too much microcap, tim sykes-like non-sense on there. Maybe I should for futures I guess. I think this ticker switch is easy enough to implement and small enough to not infringe on the 140 character limit, all while making searches more efficient. Like I said, just throwing the idea out there. You'll find my crappy/borderline useless account using it in addition to the traditional $ES_F....
  4. Imma take your advice when I put up ma twits on futures. Good thinkin' homie
  5. wrbtrader


    I doubt twitter will ever adopt the $ symbology being used by stocktwits and their users. Thus, you'll just have to learn how to better manage your "twitter search" whenever you're getting all that other junk that's not trading related when doing search involving for example $ES_F.

    Yet, oddly you're complaining about stocktwits too (e.g. tim sykes like non-sense) and you won't use stocktwits directly but you're using their $ES_F symbology on twitter when that particular symbology is not designed for use with twitter although I heard stocktwits is trying to fix that disconnection.

    I hope you're aware that twitter is worst than stocktwits for information involving the Emini ES futures. Think about it, twitter has millions more users than stocktwits, much more popular. Simply, you get a lot more non trading related information on twitter than you do on a social network like stocktwits that's specifically designed for traders while using the $ES_F symbology. :eek:

    If you don't believe me...type the word "futures" in twitter search and then compare the results to the same word being used in a stocktwits search. Do the same with $ES_F again and compare the results being twitter and stocktwits. Its a no brainer which produces the least amount of junk.

    Also, I hope you're aware that you can easily weed out that non-sense you see on stocktwits via only following those you think have merits. That way whenever they use the $ES_F symbology, you'll only see their messages and not the other junk on stocktwits...that's what I do on stocktwits via only following those I'm interested in reading their commentaries.