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Discussion in 'Trading' started by UK2004, Mar 9, 2002.

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    I happened to meet Nicholas last summer while touring England, and can vouch for his burning desire to learn everything about trading. Yes, he displayed immaturity in some of his recent posts, but take a look at this photo of young Nicholas sitting at his trading workstation, and you may just be persuaded to give him a second chance.
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    I expected someone a little younger? Is Tom_P really Steve Martin?
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    Because I have put a question to you that you don't even understand or havea clue about you are all upset like immature teenagers and have to try and make a joke out of it oh well get a book on investment banking read it and then you might understand the nature of my question, mean time stick to your daytrading, you really look like fools.
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  4. Nick,

    Take it easy.'s true many here are poking fun at you.

    Yet, do not assume many don't understand your question and do not understand the world of investment banking.

    I truly feel some have made a CHOICE to not respond and answer your question. Remember the issue I brought up about "first impressions"?

    It's the weekend, go outside and have some fun like I'm about to do.

    Last advice to you. Stop using the words "YOU" and "ALL" in your replies.

    It gives the forum the idea that your talking to everybody.

    Thus, if someone's post upset your remarks directly to that particular individual via using his/her alias.

    Also, know when to let go and move on...and let this particular thread fade away.

    If you have specific questions to someone...private message that individual.

    Out of curiosity, since your so eager about investment this what you plan on studying in college while possibly doing some internships?

    Further, if you have already met some professionals (face to face) in the career of investment banking...can you ask them any questions or these particular questions?

    Thus, once replies between members fall to the level of name calling (it doesn't matter who started it first)...its time to get-away from the computer in my opinion or leave the issue alone.

    Almost forgot...don't jump on day traders here. I have a feeling there are some successful and profitable day traders here just waiting for someone to say what you just did.

    I think I once heard somewhere..."Don't provide someone with anger because they will use it against you".

    Nick...have a nice weekend and I hope others here don't poke fun at you anymore.

    Nihaba Ashi

    P.S. Someone sent me a private message asking me if I was Muslim because of my alias...I'm still laughing :D
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    tom p...You go boy!!!:D :D :D

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  6. Glad to see you back on the board. Traders who have been around a while not only tolerate, but expect, emotional tirades every now and then. I have been known to throw a few choice words around myself in earlier years (no comments about current times...from anyone :) )

    Your desire does show through, and I will refer to one of my first attempts at offering a bit of advice. Go to the top 5 banking or trading institutions that you envision as having the type of trader that you want to become. Put on your best behaviour (British spelling intentional), look around a while before really looking for employment. Find someone, anyone, who you think will answer a question, any question, and start a conversation. Now...this may be tough for first....but let the person talk (even if this person knows less than you do about trading, banking, forex, whatever, let them talk).

    By making some clerk, assistant trader, a runner, or even a secretary, feel that you are honestly interested in what they have to will accomplish much more than showing off what you know or think you know. Resist the temptation of correcting them, throwing buzz words around, or name dropping....heck, make a friend or two...have a beer or cup of coffee (tea, whatever)...and who knows, you might just enjoy their a door or two, and find that by being an "honest" inquisitor (without the brashness) that you may be "offered" a way to the "inside."

    This is how it has been done on stock exchange floors for decades, and in trading firms now. Don't do it because you're "scamming" people, try it because it makes sense...."pay it forward" -- show your good side, who knows what may happen...

    If you get to the next stage, I can offer you some practical, detailed scenerios that may be of some help to you. Good Luck!!

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    I think your reply is excellent advice for not only a trader 'wannabe', but for anyone trying to get an inside lead in just about any industry.

    I've saved your clip, and hope my kids follow your suggestions when they're out on their own in a few years.

    Thanks for your reply.

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