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    Question here for Don or any others knowledgable in regard to trading. In a lot of banks that trade fx there are proprietary traders and market makers. The prop traders have amore enjoyable job as they get to decide on a direction in a market and trade that direction making money for the bank itself and trading large amounts of capital. Does everybody have to be a market maker in fx before they can go to a prop desk, or are some traders hired into a dealing room as assistant traders on a prop desk then work their way up on the prop desk, I have looked through so much literature on this but have had no luck. I would of thought that experience had to be gained market making before one could become a proprietary trader.

    Thank you for your help.
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    from nicholassegrue's previous thread: Please Remove Me!:

    I wish to be removed from this site, I see I don't make good company for daytraders, remove my username and then I am gone for good, thank you elitetrader.

    Promises, promises... :p
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    Not only that Magna, the very person he attacked he's asked to answer this new question:)

    If I was Don I'd have him on ignore
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    It was an intelligent question if you can't answer it then don't bother replying stay out of the discussion.
  5. Brother Nick,

    Finish off high school, endure puberty and go to university... come back to Elitetrader in a few years, dude!

  6. I'm not trying to be abrasive...but why are you asking questions if you don't want to be here?

    If you've changed your mind...let others here know that and they may not be sarcastic in their replies to you.

    You use the word "intelligent" too loosely after letting the ENTIRE forum know you do not want to be here and then you start asking "intelligent questions"...hmmmm.

    Remember this...first impressions are hard to forget. Thus, you'll probably need to say something to get many here to forget about your STRONG DESIRE not be here.

    I wish you the best and hopefully you find your answers you seek.

    Nihaba Ashi
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    I could be wrong, but me thinks that the lad(?) is playing you boys for a bunch of fools.

    When something is too good to be true...
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    B4 anyone says it...NO, I'm not nich! :-|
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    I presumed as this was not some immature question in anyone''s eyes that they would answer it maybe nobody knows? If I am asking a question it means I still wish to be on the forum.
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    If this is gonna be ther same old thing I will leave it now don't want petty arguments over nothing just wanted some sane advice, thank you.
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