Small Profits Grabbing Technical breakouts

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  1. I find daytrading Crude, that small consistant profits are good to take off of small technical breakouts. It works well.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Spam ?. . . cause that's the way I trade ?. . . hahahaha
  4. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

  5. Sorry Dude, but this IS what I do ! ! !
  6. What you do is lure niave people into emailing you.

    Now please stop embarrassing yourself. It is painful to watch.

  7. and for the low low price of 99$ a day, you too can take small profits grabbing technical breakouts..

    If you are not selling stuff, then post your stuff one needs your canadian email..
  8. This is what I do . . . that's all.
  9. I do it everyday. I did it today and made money. You sound bitter cause you are not making money.
    This is my thread. Please stop replying to it.

  10. Believe what you want. But be sure about this. We know you are spamming and attempting to lure the naive amongst us into emailing you for more info.

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