Small plane hits manhat bldg

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    any details?
  2. So that's what the quick drop is about?

    It did seem strange the FOMC minutes would smackdown that hard... :confused:

    Hope everybody is okay. :(
  3. wouldn't it be a miracle if this building was to stay upright and not collapse under its own weight from the extreme melting point of the white hot flames of jet fuel melting the steel building??
  4. well, fire stronger than wtc7 and buildin' looks like a residential one, prolly half if not less the strenght of the tower. go figure.
  5. Holy sht - Yanks Lidle was in it?

    Anyone know if he was the pilot?
  6. They found his identification at the scene.......
  7. Ahhh...Joystick flying.....

    If you have ever flown on an Airbus, the pilot controls the plane with a "joystick." Stick your head in the cockpit sometime. The layout and sleekness puts Boeing to shame

    This is one of the truly amazing aspects for retraining the mind, body and coordination. You train all your life(for the most part) with a yoke and now you control all functions for flying with a joystick.

    How much of the population is right handed?

    And now as a pilot you control everything with your left hand!!

    How many of you gamers could be up to speed if you had to use your opposite hand?

    The study for outfitting and utilizing a joystick for flying and controlling must have proven that it could be done.

    It is probably a fascinating read.

    The cockpit for the plane that crashed in NYC.

  8. ...but in arcade games, the left hand IS the joystick hand. The right hand is for the buttons.

    <img src=>
  9. Great-but which hand deploy's the PARACHUTE?

    Yeah, this seems a bit odd.
    He had what, 400 give or take a few hundred hours flying time, yes, visibility may have been poor.

    But really.......the observers comment, they heard a high pitched "normal " sound, followed by a low pitch.

    That doesnt spell catastrophic engine failure to me.
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