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  1. hi i was wondering if any of you knew of a good pistol.

    i was looking at the walther ssp, glock 26, and boberg. however i was looking for something smaller. do any of you know of a automatic gun of smaller rounds.
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    I'm not familiar with Boberg or SSP but Glock and Walther both have good reputations.

    If you want something smaller than a G26 you may want to look at something chambered for .22LR.
    I heard/read mixed opinions on the .25
    so I'd probably avoid that round.

    You may also want to consider a revolver as semi autos, can in general, become somewhat less reliable as they
    get smaller. Especially if you don't plan on shooting much. The spring in a semi auto magazine that sits loaded for long periods of time can get weaker and affect feed reliability. Not good if it's a personal defense weapon.
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  4. I like the Kahr even though it's not the best quality compared to a Sig or HK, because the magazine is a single stack and it doesn't print under your clothes like some of the double stack Glocks and such.

    I almost forgot; one of the best lineups ever:
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    Get a .22 rather than a .25;
    use hollow points in a .22.

    Israeli intelligence used a .22 [silencer, dont do it that silenced way ]with hollow points to do a cool hit an a Munich terrorist.

    .22 are fun to shoot, reasonable, recoil reasonable:cool:
  6. The popularity of concealed carry has created a real boom in smaller framed guns. Pretty much every pistol manufacturer has recently come out with small to very small guns, in every conceivable bore up to .45.

    Two points to consider. Some of the lighter weapons can be a handful to shoot with a big load like a .40 or .45. Also, some have a less than bulletproof, just to use a phrase, reputation for reliability. Less room=more jams.
  7. This is why I like Glocks, but not for concealed carry, because I've never been a big fan of plastic triggers, but more importantly, a .45 in a compact is a handful, and the double stack mags on compact Glocks in larger calibers make the compact barrel and other dimensions a wash because the grip is so chunky.
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