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    Last week end at the Kern US Open, Marianna Gasparyan came one weight class below where she was expected and set up a duel with Stefi Cohen, probably the most recognizable female in powerlifting @56kg .
    Results if I didn't mess up too much :
    Marianna beat Squat (with wraps) with 260kgs and Total (612.5kg) all time world records for both female AND male athletes, as well as the bench atwr for 56kg female.
    Stefi was outclassed on the evening but managed to beat the atwr deadlift @240kgs

    Let's go knitting guys and leave the big weights to the small girls...

  2. Time to dig up my standby motivational poster:

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    I love that poster, and those were the light weight girls (still beating easily the weight class above them ), @79.5kg body weight, although slightly less out of this world than the 2 former girls, Chleo Van Wyk would give a hard time to even most men working out, even the big boys
    I noticed there was a live stream while watching videos from the competition's previous day on youtube, and caught the Marianna/Stefi duel after the Squat, a bit of a shame, this was a cool event to watch, but Marianna had almost killed the suspense with her 260squat.

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  4. Strong young women to be sure, but I find myself more drawn to cardio bunnies. :D
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    Yeah, obviously those are sexier, and should have less masculinisation issues from steroids.
    Surprising how Stefi kept a very feminine voice and overall allure (imo at least), although she is massive. She's got a phd as well, possibly in physiotherapy if that exists, her videos are very good and her Hybrid system is interesting, they mix powerlifting with Olympic weightlifting and crossfit among other things, so touch a wide public. 85, btw, that girl used to play for the Under 17 Venezuela soccer team, thought that might interest you.


    i wouldn't say Marianna Gasparyan or Cleo Van Wyk are sexy, but Laura Sgro is very cute, she's the main beneficiary of Gasparyan going down 1 weight class, as she won the 60k category but would place 3rd in the 56kgs, far from the gold and silver. Nice trip to the US for her:

    I wished we had female powerlifters around here, or even male, while at best we get bodybuilders, male and female. Good thing is those girls seem to think totally opposite as the "Let the girls play with the big weights while the boys do the knitting" as at least Stefi and Mariana are married to big/huge guys. Must be some tough lesbians in the mix though.
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  6. None of which is my thing. I'm in it for health/fitness, general strength and physique. I'm not interested in engaging in max single lifts.
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  7. Why?
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    Uh ?!? Coz I like powerlifting, and more generally strength sports , much keener on hanging around gym goers who lift heavy doing short reps and talking with them about what's going on in PL and Strongman than around bodybuilders who do forced reps or even casual lifters. It's nice to have the biggest squat in the gym, but not so much when it is below Gasparyan's, or when hardly anyone try and do legal depth PL squats (there's supposed to be lots of very strong Chinese Olympic weightlifters, but I've never seen them in the gyms around here). Besides more interesting, it should be much easier to improve among stronger people, for me at least, as I care only moderately about the fitness aspect of going to the gym but much more about 1rep max.
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  9. Fair enough. Although I take a fair amount of pride in my (relative) strength, I've never been a big fan of very low rep or one-rep max lifts. It's was never my thing. Plus, I can't imagine it's all that good for joint health. And since I'm in it for the long haul...