Small Form Factor PC or laptop ?

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  1. I am moving again and I am looking to get a new PC that I can carry around easily for my next destination. I don't like laptops much I don't think it 's very comfortable to use 250 trading days per year. So I am looking at those SFF PC's , PC's with a case the size of a shoe box. I have seen some custom built machines in Europe that looked awesome. I don't know any manufacturer besides Shuttle

    Is there any place with good customer service/ support and return policy where you can buy a complete system like that?
    What are the pros and cons of such systems vs laptops? Can you put most dual monitor video cards in those?

    Also what is the best way to carry LCD monitors when travelling?
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    Do have some, altho pics didnt show up for me...

    the stealthcomputer ones dont seem to be as upgradeable tho, didnt see free slots to add your own gfx card.

    has a varied amount, their CubePC series looks very much like the shuttles.

    As long as it has a PCI or AGP expansion slot on the main board tho you will be good to go with a multiple display card.

    Ive been looking to do the same to free up space, and using one/two as media centres to hook up to the TV etc
  4. Lap tops have a battery. When the current goes off, you'll be glad that you bought it.
  5. Good point although if the power goes off my connection might be down too. The problem I would have with those systems is that it may be difficult to service, upgrade or get replacement parts, especially if I buy a system in Europe and move to the Carribean or Canada.
  6. I've never had a power outage and a phone line interrupt at the same time.
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    You can always get a UPS.
  8. I like the shape of shuttle. Shuttle is kewl. I saw them on last year.

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  9. big downside is one PCI slot :-/
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