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  1. FWIW, been following this WAVX a long time because George Gilder is on the board and I subscribed to their newsletter back in the bubble when JDSU and all those FO companies went nuts.

    Anyway, WAVX had a pretty big announcement this morning regarding getting their stuff into intel mother boards.

    Up huge today...but today aside this one is worth watching because the company has basically been all r and d for the last decade and now their stuff has made it into national semi's products and it looks like intel is on the way.

    Do your own DD.

    disclosure long. obviously but seriously worth putting on your radar screen
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    posted at 8:09 a.m, was that central time? its up like 100% since then. :cool:
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    The key line from the press release: Intel will introduce the new motherboard, designed for use in desktop business PCs, in the fourth quarter, said Intel spokeswoman Laura Anderson.

    "Wave will receive royalties on each motherboard sold, company spokesman John Callahan said."

    That sounds like rambus type situation setting up IMO. Lot of potential royalties down the line.
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    thanks again for the heads up guys. This stock is a huge runner.

    Currently long 26k shares at 2.29.
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    I'm targeting 3.5 maybe either today or monday.
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    damn, stopped out at 2.7.
  7. Thanks for the head's up - bought this morning on a break of the first 15-minute bar; up over .50.

    Can anyone recommend a good resource for low priced stocks - either a service or research in general. I like trading them - and trade on technicals, but don't want to blindly buy a stock that could be going bk or getting delisted in a few days.

    I would like to have a source for low priced stocks, and then I could scan them for my own criteria. I have tried doing scans on TC2000, but there are FAR too many candidates to analyze (at least, for me).

    Thanks in advance.
  8. Mike Vick, gets it done on the field and on ET. MVP baby!

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    Been a long time since I left over a point on the table on a 3 stock. It's getting taken off the screen now! Nice call.
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    WAVX = $4.60
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