small cap position/swing traders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trend Fader, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Does anyone successfully trade small cap stocks priced under $5??

    Like trade breakouts.. etc. I am talking about on a swing or position trade basis?
  2. qll


    expert in this filed. earned more than 100% in 2006, earned 46% so far in 2007. i have been market makers in several stocks. like i trade 80% of its volume, or i set up the high, the low, the support and the resistance.

    trick: buy as much as you can for whatever you found. don't bet on breakouts. sooner or later, they will fly. in breakout, no way you can find enough shares in thinly traded stocks.

    i can tell you this, there are maybe less than 5 stocks in this area worth buying.
  3. Just because a stock is under $5 doesn't make it go up or down tomorrow or the next day.

    I play a lot of under $5 stocks. Its been very good to me. There are thousands of them out there. Just got to find the right ones at the right time is all.

    Buying 80% of the daily volume of a stock might seem smarts while it goes up, but if something bad happens, and it dives, you are screwed bigtime.
  4. vetten


    hi Trend Fader,

    dont think that qll`s idea is very good and I would go along with
    when you get really sharp, you can make more than qll without his risk.

    look at a lot of penny charts - some go from 2-4 cent in 5 weeks,
    back to around 2, back to 4.5 cent etc etc
    I got 220 of those stocks in my watch list and when they`re back to their low, I jump in.
    They`re all losing money, but as long as they have enough money in the kitty to pay the bills, I`m happy.