Small Business Owners - one of the REAL targets of the financial grid takeover!

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  1. Keep your eye on the ball......taking out small business owners is another part of the planned financial grid consolidation takeover. Small business owners are the TRUE backbone of the U.S. economy and employ more than any other group.

    Slowing down the economy, TIGHTENING CREDIT, and weakening the local and regional banking infrastructure is a massive strategic play to kill small american business........keep your eye on the ball!

    If small business is destroyed so goes america......keep your eye on the ball!!!
  2. If it gets rid of some of the frilly wine shops, coffee shops, sandwich shops, pet grooming shops, re-sale shops, shee-shee restaurant shops, realtor shops, uniform shops, baby clothing shops et al, let it happen. :cool:
  3. Hey more citizens then on unemployment and/or welfare......COOL!

    Sure that works just great..... rolling eys!
  4. Agreed. Wonder if he prefers Walmart to locally-owned businesses, as well...

  5. Wrong! It'll be a bunch of idle housewives who can squander their husband's money some other way and maybe learn how to bake chocolate chip cookies and properly cook a pot roast. Oh! I forgot to include frilly dry cleaners and kitchen & bath shops too. :cool:
  6. Hey....they have CONNED many into thinking that the huge globalist corp as the only choice is really really good for them.......LOL!!! :D
  7. The public school system has served you well.....LOL! :p
  8. I didn't realize that I had accurately described you in that thread. :D

  9. GermanTrader------The key word is "some", not "all". I never said anything about frilly German automobile service stations nor German power tool repair facilities. :)
  10. Yes you are doing so well slamming people who own small businesses...I am sure you are standing there in your own majority...:eek:....LOL! :D
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