Small Biotechnology Hot, Is Labopharm Next?

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  1. Small biotechnology companies are making moves not seen in months if not years. Stocks like Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (AMEX:RPC) has shot higher by a massive 100% in the last couple days. Other stocks like Antigenics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AGEN) and Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:pARD) have shot higher as well. The key seems to be many of these biotech players are sitting at their dead lows while the rest of the market has soared. Many are also sitting on a lot of cash with some promising drugs in their pipelines. As speculative money runs out of places to go, these small biotechnology companies are the logical candidate. A solid play for a run over $1.00 appears to be Labopharm Inc. (NASDAQ:DDSS). They are sitting on approximately $50 million in cash with solid revenue growth based on higher licensing revenue, as well as revenue from the provision of services related to the commercialization of OLEPTRO™ to Angelini Labopharm under the joint venture agreement with Gruppo Angelini. The market cap is only slightly higher than cash at $65 million.

    A solid cash position, revenue growth and partnerships makes this a prime candidate for a run on this biotechnology frenzy. I am going to pick up some shares shortly at $0.92 here for a target move over $1.00. Keep it on watch here at $0.92.

    Gareth Soloway

  2. The lower it goes, the "better" it looks. :cool: