SMA Patterns

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    This thread is for the simple moving average patterns.Please share yours.

  2. you first
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    Crossover, if several.But if only one SMA?
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    SMAs are boring.
  5. Nothing useful there for a single instrument.
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    Ocean5 this is an end of day set up trading on the open the next day. Put a 4 6 8 moving average on the Russell 2000 advance decline. Using TC2000 data. When they all 3 go down the first day go long on the open. When they all 3 go up the first day go short on the open. Trading IWM.

    I discovered this set up on 01/08/07 since then it is up 116% for an annual return of 21%. Since discovery it has had a 10.5 month drawdown.
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    Hello.May I ask two questions,what is advance decline and what is the exit?
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    It would be best to google it and read a definitition on Wikipeida.

    You would exit the long the same time you went short and vise versa.
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    Ok.Thank you.
  10. I find that if I load 9,14,18,20,30,40,50,80,100,150,200 price tends to react in one of them almost always, so good stuff.

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