Slumping economy is easiest time to get filthy rich

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  1. We are always on the lookout for a ideal trading opportunity, that is, one where a convergence of favorable conditions provide a high probability, high reward/risk ratio investment. Ironically, such an opportunity is inherently available in every economic slump. Here's why:

    1. First of all, let's clarify what a job is. This is when someone treats YOU like STOCK. You are an investment, and they are the investor. You are a risky investment, in that their return is not guaranteed. You could quit, or surf porn all day. The point is they are willing to shell out $50-100k in hope of a 100%+ return. That says a lot about you.

    2. A loan is when someone treats YOU like a BOND. Not James, but a corporate bond. You provide a more guaranteed type of return of investment, albeit less than that of a stock. You have now become a bond with a coupon rate of 7-10% or so. Point is you are less risk than a stock, but more risk than a government-issued-essentially-risk-free bond, so your return falls in between the two. Like a corporate bond, you could default, so they must be compensated for the risk. Hence the higher rate.

    3. When you look for a job, you interview several employers. When you look for a loan, you interview several lenders. All you are really doing is interviewing several investors and trying to sell them into buying a stock or bond called YOU.

    4. There are tons of richer investors with far less stringent criteria than your employer or lender . They are called venture capitalists, angel fund investors, or just investors. They don't need any more money. They just live on risk. The hunt, the game. They have a portfolio of stocks, except their stocks are people called entrepreneurs. Investments called YOU.

    5. Since booming opportunities are rare in a weak economic climate, these investors are especially out on the look for good entrepreneurs. That is, these investors provide some of the best "job opportunities."

    6. Funny thing is, it is easier to find these investors than a job. And similarly, it may only take 10 interviews to "land the job."

    7. As regards any entrepreneurship, only do what you love and are passionate about. This is a point hammered by investors like Trump, Branson & others who emphasize they only hire those who truly love what they do.

    Ahh, the chance to get rich, doing what you love.

    God Bless America.

    For more, see "Think and Grow Rich", and "Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur."
  2. of course there is no hope for the whining lifetime victims who live only to blame someone and bitch about how life is hard...
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    Some good points, but most people are not cut out to be entrepreneurs or even self-employed. Creating a successful business and bringing it to good profitability is pretty difficult.
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    Yes, but look around you how many hundreds of thousands of times has it done?

    If you bring a business to good profitability, chances are you are set for life if you sell it. Since you can usually get 10x earnings for a decent private business, that works out to be enough to live on for a nicely profitable biz. Obviously now days nobody's paying 10x, but maybe 5x in which case it may be better to hold onto your business for the next upswing.