Slum tours are India’s most popular tourist destinations

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    Slum tours are India’s most popular tourist destinations
    Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards recognized the most popular tourist attraction in India for 2019, and it ain’t visiting the Taj Mahal.

    Dharavi in Mumbai, one of the largest slums in Asia, was not only recognized as thetop experience, it also ranked in the top 10 of “Travelers’ Choice Experiences” in all of Asia.


    “Slum on in”
    Slum tours areon the risearound the world, and the influx of visitors -- and, more importantly, their cash -- has helped prop up industries in the 533-acre shanty-clad craw of Dharavi.

    But, while it may be a tourist destination, it’s also important to remember the city is exactly that -- ashanty town, scattered with open sewage piping and lined with dirty huts so warped they could be blown over by the faint breath of an angry pig.
  2. Most of India must be on the tour , outside of the tech areas.
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  3. Why fly all the way to India to see slums?
    Just go to San Francisco or LA and you can see blocks of them.
  4. They have nothing over India's poor. I would never travel there willingly, i was there on business. Stayed at the Oberoi hotel, old english style inside the walls, and poorer than poor outside.
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  5. Personally, I'd love to see the tech areas too.
  6. We went over their to develop offshore development factory for European financial institution. Our sales rep sold the contract by the number workstations in the classroom. They squeezed 5 ppl onto each workstation :mad: So a reasonable size class of 20 workstations had 100 ppl. :vomit:
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    Problem with slum tours, most outsiders are not immunized against the possible transfer of germs.
    They take on a huge health risk I would have thought, especially older people.
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  9. To bad majority of the Indian people are beyond dirt poor. We visited mother Teresa's tomb while in Kolcutta. The rich are very rich and the poor are, you know. If you go there, don't try the sushi.
  10. ...How large was each workstation?
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