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  1. Over time computers get slower and slower. Is there any software which I can buy or download which will automatically scan and keep my computer like new one. On my trading computer I donot visit any other sites , dont save anything but still the computer is gradually becoming slow. Is there any solution to keep it in peak condition without me doing anything regularly. The software will run at predefined times.

  2. Better to kill two birds with one stone.

    When you start use Acronis, or Macrium Reflect (free) to save an image of your C drive (and others if you want). This image is free of changes and serves two purposes:
    - a starting point to rebuild when you decide after 6 months that all the frigging around has slowed your pc down
    - perfect protection if you get a virus (just overwrite the infected partition and all is well).
  3. It's my opinion that updates kill a computer. I know many people disagree with me but I see it and I believe it.

    If you have a dedicated trading system which is only used for trading, there is no need for updates.

    Format your drive, install the original OS, and turn off automatic updates.
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    Check out Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC and Registry Clean Expert and run them weekly.

    I used up 3 laptops in my first 7 years of trading. Currently I'm using a desktop entering my 3rd year of its use and the desktop is still going strong.

    I know the arguments that desktop suppose to lasts longer than laptops, but I believe the 2 software that I'm currently using helps me.
  5. Reviews about speed up my pc are not very encouraging.
  6. Slowdown can be caused by a few things. A "cleanup" will fix some of them. Try Glary Utilities (free) or Advanced System Care (free) then defrag your hard drive.

    These free cleanup software versions don't schedule "automatic" cleanups, but you can do it manually. Just copy the icon to your desktop and run whenever you want. You can also buy "paid" versions which will schedule automatic functions + have a few more features.

    The post that mentioned using Acronis True Image or Macrium Reflect (to make an image of your hard drive after you've done a fresh install) is correct. I've used Acronis for years, but it's not free. Macrium gets good reviews and has a free version. You should record your backup image onto an external USB hard drive. Flash drives will work also if big enough, but are very slow.

    Any time you use a "cleaner", there is the possibility that it will "clean" something it shouldn't. You may have to reinstall a program or two after running a cleanup function. (I currently use both Glary and ASC without problems, but that may not be the case for your particular softwares.)
  7. osho67, how do you know your computer is slowing ?
  8. slowing computer what shall i do..


    chump change for an experienced rich trader..ain't it?
  9. Use CCleaner. Huge following, very good. It both cleans up your temp files & other useless stuff AND it has a very good registry cleaner.

    Defrag occasionally (although some reports indicate this may have less of an effect than many people think).

    Also, many times a computer will slow down due to heat problems. It is good to use a chip fan+heat sink, and at least one system fan. Ensure everything runs well. Open up the box occasionally and clean out dust with canned air. Keep box off the floor, up on a table/desk as dust builds up more rapidly when on the floor.

    Ensure sufficient RAM. 2-4 GB of RAM is much better than what still sits on some people's desks. I have read that when the system needs to use the Hard Drive for "RAM", it is something like 150 times slower than using true, available RAM.

    Further, sometimes it pays to buy a new computer.
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