Slow Trading Day? Go check out margaret brennans rack

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  1. On Bloomberg...She's got a really low cut top on.

    Yeah baby! she is a hottie!
    If you are getting bored trading today go check em out on Bloomberg
    Nice cleavage.
  2. Brings back to memory the famous thread, "Cans of Clayman"... (sigh)
  3. LOL....she just covered them up a bit with her sweater.....

    yeah that rack!!!.

    I guess the old adage....."Sex Sells" is undisputable
  4. LOL!!!! Sam Hocking BNP Paribas is trying so hard not to LOOK!!!

    This is great.....

    "I think it moved"

    ------Sam Hocking------
  5. S2007S


    She went from cnbc to bloomberg, she got little air time on cnbc but now has her own show on bloomberg.
    I am going to check it out, I hear her show on time to time on the radio but not her show on tv.
  6. but thers nothing to see now:mad:
  7. She was actually CNBC's program director first. She ran the show over there. Then she started to work in front of the camera on CNBC. Then she went to bloomberg. I don't know her exact duties currently like IF she is doing both jobs or what.

  8. yeah at first they had the sweater open. Then I think the dude she was interviewing got excited and busted wood and they had her cover up with the sweater.
    It was all fun to watch the nuances of it all.

  9. She summers on Shelter Island, NY. I met her last year. Superb ass and body, but a lil too dour for me. Very serious woman.
  10. that little dour way.....means she's a wild cat in the sack.....
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