Slow Stochastics signal

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by tupac_spike, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. wanna know how many ppl follow the slow stochastic signal (%K crossover %D ) from under 20 line . each time this happens the day always ends in a white candle ..... do u ppl use any other indicator in conjunction with that as a signal. just wanna know how to be safe and sure for day trading ....

  2. I use it to support a 3 MA crossover system but ive found that for shorting when K mooves under D and then closes below 60 is a good time to go short. You exit when K mooves back above D or closes above 40. On the long site when K mooves above D and then closes above 40 is a good entry for a long. You exit when K mooves below D or closes below 60. But this method works if K and D are longer like 14 or 18 which smoothes them out, this produces less signals but reduces how much whipsaw you have. Hope that helps