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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Funster, Mar 1, 2004.

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    For years I have sailed along quite happily with a PIII 600 and 1 GB of memory.

    This weekend I went for it and upgraded to a P4 2.0 with asrock p4vt8 motherboard and 1.5 GB of memory, otherwise the same system (windows 2000 SP4, Matrox G200 4 monitors, twin 40gb HDD). It was a clean (repartion/format) install.

    I now wish I hadn't bothered. All operations are slower - 2.5 minutes to boot, slower window minimizes etc. And to top it all when I have the 2nd HDD attached the computer sometimes freezes up.

    Is there something I can do to check if there is a problem or perhaps there is a piece of freeware that I can use to check my system.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Did you install everything correctly?
    You might want to try re-installing the OS. Or better yet, upgrade to XP, bc 2000 really sucks. Or install Linux...
  3. thats silly. 2000 is one of the best os windows ever made. ive run it for years with 0 problems.
    why anyone would subject themselves to the headaches of linux unless your some kind of computer geek that likes to tinker with things is beyond me.
  4. i would eliminate one hd and see how it works that way. are both hard drives set cable select? and do you have the correct cable? its different. im not sure why people upgrade computers nowdays with the price of new ones being so cheap.
  5. I upgraded from Win2K to WinXp and now everything runs
    much slower :(

    Still working out the issues. P.O.S.!


  6. I wonder the same thing. I have built my own for several years but I bought the last one, 2.5 Athalon w/XP Pro for $700 and it does a pretty good job.
  7. you can speedup bootup by right click my computer,advanced tab,startup and recovery, set to 1 or 2 seconds.
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    This type of stuff is all a lot of fun but custom building PC's is the quickest way to decend into a bottomless pit of wasted time.

    I've said it before: unless your time is worth nothing, dont custom build a computer. It is much cheaper to order one built, warranted and certified to run your OS than it is to get into custom build situations.

    Computing power is cheap and getting cheaper: concentrate on the true intellectual money making problems and leave the commodity level skill sets to others.
  9. I'm surprised to hear that. 2k is one of the better Windows OS's, but I've had it crash multiple times... Maybe its just bc of the stuff I'm running. And when it comes to Linux, right now its mostly for geeks, yes, but one day it will take over... A lot of third world goverments have started migrating over to it lately, its just a better solution if your willing to learn.
  10. Do you still have all bubbly, dubbly, flowery shit on there? Try doing some of the stuff in this article...,3973,5155,00.asp
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