Slow IB execution

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Jayford, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Anyone else having really slow execution with ER2? Its taking about a minute for a market order. This is an electronic mkt. Should be instantaneous.
  2. nassau


    trading tws 854.7 version, the last few days we have lost connection for 10secs or so several times a day.
    the executions on nasdaq have been fine but slow on nyse executions where it has taken 10sec to several minutes and where we had to have IB actually execute the trade as it seemed to be frozen.

  3. no fills on nyx and missed a $3 run.
    not sure was because IB delays into sendin' the order or 'cause nyse backed off from da quotes, because I lifted the offer present and was in da system while the stock went trough my price three times:...very frustratin'.
  4. JackR



    I "normally" do ER2 using limit orders above the market on a buy or below the market on a sell and saw no delay. If you'd like, PM me with rough times and I'll go thru my audit file to see whether I had any trades about that time and the delay between entry and execution. I have trades between 9:35 and 10:57 EST.

  5. No delays of the kinds you are talking about. Sometimes orders are "sticky" for a second or so but I use a wireless setup -- execution isn't "that" important -- so it could just as easily be some latency there.
  6. cmon man. You lifted squat.

    Take the ecn's if you're serious.

    Sending a limit order to NYSE on a hot stock, and you stare at a green working bar for 3 points waiting for your fill?

  7. the order was sent via smart on booktrader...that order disappeared into thin air; I thought that it went trough and even tried to close, the closin' order was taken as a sell order and obviously rejected.
    I am talkin' with IB right now to see what the heck happened.
  8. the order didn't 'disappeared' I cancelled myself(apparently) after price traded through my order on several occasions with no fills.
    bugs me how could have I done that when I even tried to close, can't remember, haven't got a clue: can't look at audit trails for ystdy cause theres no log and am relyin' on IB word.
    fact remains: order wasn't filled even tho stock traded trough my price a few times with size on the offer.