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  1. REDP1800


    anyone having issues with slow quotes today or a lagging feed. My feed is usually almost perfect with no hang ups.

    Today it is extremely slow.. could be onmy end of course or it could be massive quote stuffing

    anyone else having issues?
  2. Sprout


    Whenever my feed slows, refreshing my app does something. In my case I suspect it has something to do with how much data the app processes and it's releasing of memory space. There's 6 separate 'modules' that stream data. Since I use web-based tradovate with cqg feed there's a fair amount of latency built in just by being retail through an IB but in my method of trading it doesn't matter very much. During these times when the market isn't trending and is more in congestion, sidelining is appropriate even though there is the constant siren call of greed wanting to participate with un-wise use of leverage.
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  3. REDP1800


    wht mkt are you watching currently.. i am looking for a blast higher here in the next 20 minson nasdaq and russell
  4. REDP1800


    i am convinced they are turning messages on and off today..since the message efficiency program is off for the holiday
  5. Sprout


    ES 5m, YM 2m
  6. REDP1800


    nice.. not sure what time frame but the algos were strong in the last move higher.. shaking all retail longs out.. as it slowly went up.. i traded it bu tgot shook out.. was expectingmore of a boost higher.. there is still too much retail invovled so they sell it off until almost every last one of us is out or tired of trading.. then when the risk is low for them.. they will blast off.. this is still setting up.. blast off t minus next 20 minutes .. big big set up.. i bet some news coming out like china news.
    if you trade i recommend trade the news.. with all the algos keying in on news it is important that you do too..china news soon maybe
  7. REDP1800


    genius way to rally higher. stair steppin hard for impatient traders like me to ride it out.. wow.. they are really getting smart
  8. Sprout


    Other than the regularly scheduled economic announcements, I find news more a distraction. A PV chart is the sum total of the conscious and unconscious distillation of current sentiment. I don't really give algos any undo power, they serve my needs rather than oppose them.

    Volume leads price, no exceptions.

    ESH9-5m-181221 carryover.png
  9. 2rosy


    exchange direct feed, binary, udp? or something over the internet through a broker
  10. qlai


    Is this a fact? Why would they do that? Quote Staffing ... Here we go again :)
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