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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Norm, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Norm


    I am running the current release of TWS (build 851.9). As with the previous release, the charts update much slower than the quotes on the Order Management screen. Often, it seems to take about a minute for the charts to reflect the latest prices shown in the Order Management screen. I am displaying line charts, not bar charts. Other realtime services that I have used display line charts realt time, i.e., tick-by-tick. What gives?

    By the way, other than this I am very happy with IB.

  2. def

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    sounds like you're running a 1 minute chart as opposed to a tick chart. take a look at your settings, that may solve the problem.
  3. Def,

    I have been complaining to IB tech support, for weeks, about problems with IB Charts pegging my CPU to 100% usage and crashing TWS, so that I need to kill TWS using the operating system and then re-login to TWS. The problems occur when I try to display line charts of bid/ask of combination symbols, covering time intervals of 4 hours or less. They say they can't reproduce the problem. They are waiting for me to send them info about my machine's environment, so that they can make more efforts to reproduce the problem. I wonder if anybody else is having this type of problem? If somebody else has had it, then this might help IB to diagnose it.

    I don't think that your suggestion of selecting tick charts will provide any solution. I don't think that IB charts provides any such selection. If they do, then please tell me how to select tick charts. Thank you.
  4. Norm


    I don't recall having seen an option that was actually labeled "Tick Charts". The only options I have seen are for bar charts of various time intervals and for a single line chart.


  5. Yeah the charts seem to be taking up all of my CPU usage too.
  6. Steve_IB

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    There is a box that you can tick which says "Update Line Chart Every 1 Second" in the Chart Parameters. I'm not sure if this is on 851.9, however, if you are using our charts you will find a significant number of improvements in 852

    CPU issues with charts should all be resolved also. If you are using 852 and still have CPU issues, please follow the advice you were given - send us full details of your machine environment then we can troubleshoot for you.
  7. Steve_IB,

    I notice that there are two new order states that may be shown on TWS. I presume these will also be available via the API. Could you add mention of these to the API release notes and document the strings representing these states in the API ?

  8. Babak


    Someone else mentioned slow charts (updating behind quotes) but I've never seen this.

    Steve, how do we update to the beta? do we have to download it manually and then install over existing? (can you tell I've never tried a beta?) My auto updater doesn't let me download beta. Maybe you can include it in the future auto updaters to have a button for betas.

  9. Steve_IB

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    Sorry, the Beta version is available via browser only - login from the home page. The current Beta is 853, released on the 5th October.

    Current standalone is 851.9. I'd expect this to be updated to 852 within a day or two. You should get prompted automatically for an update, if not then you can check in this page for updates:
    The most significant changes in 852 are improved charts, two new order status colours, and a clock flag to remind you if your order is only going to work in regular trading hours, and a global configuration button which will allow you to control all your TWS settings from one central place, and help us in the futures to streamline some of the menus.
  10. Thank you, Steve_IB.
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