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    Hi All,

    I'm starting this journal in hopes to get some good sound advice on what I hope will eventually be a new career for me (or at least a way to supplement my income).

    I got into trading about two years ago, and started with very, VERY, little knowledge about the financial markets, but with big hopes and dreams (does this sound familiar yet). I read a few books and started swing trading in my husband's brokerage account. The first few trades were fairly successful, but in retrospect I think it was probably just dumb luck that I didn't lose everything those first few months. After a few bad trades, I rationalized that my problem was my position size - I was trading only 3000$ per trade and giving away most of my profit in commissions. I somehow convinced my husband that we needed to increase our account in order for it to be profitable, and then started making bigger trades. For about the next six months, I won some and lost some and came out even, feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere. That's when I started to daytrade. Big mistake! Over the course of the last year, I lost 5000$, maybe not a lot to most of you, but considering that our account was never over 27,000$ it was a big loss to me - and to my husband. When my account slipped below 25,000 I realized that I was addicted to losing and decided to stop trading until I could figure out how to make consistent profitable trades.
  2. What's your plan?

    Also, it might be more helpful to you if you posted this in the journal section...
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    I was trying to post this in the journal section. For some reason when I was typing, I lost it and then couldn't find it again, so I just decided to finish it later. Thanks for replying though, I least I know it went somewhere.