Slobodan Miloscevich

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What is the truth behind the trial of Slobodan Miloscevic?

  1. He is a hero, who tried to defend his people against muslims

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  2. He is a war criminal, and was rightfully on trial

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  1. The embarrassment of the prosecution is huge: they didn't prove anything, they used false witnesses and were caught redhanded, they restricted Milosevic legal council and medical treatment, yet he outwits them on every court session. Even though they'd love to convict him, they really have no case, but if they release him then it proves his innocence, which is something they want to avoid. It is therefore only logical that they killed him.

    The biggest war criminal of the former Yugoslavia was not Milosevic, but Izetbegovic. It is Izetbegovic who invited Al-Qaeda/islamic terrorists to the region in the early 1990's to start a campaign of terror against non muslims. And all the western leaders fell for the Bosnian muslims playing the role of the victims to perfection.

    International justice is a farce, it always has been and likely always will be.
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    Milosevic was the Lincoln of Yugoslavia.
  3. Instead of starting new threads why not respond to kut2k2 back in this thread - Hate speech from Christian Right Wing Extremists. Maybe you can tell us about Jim Jones, David Koresh, Eric Rudolph and many other heroes of the Christian faith.

    You started another thread - Hate speech from Liberal Mainstreamists which looks more like what one would expect in the that Hate speech from the christian right wing thread.

    Why does the Jesus worshippers do everything but follow His word?
  4. Why do liberals live in all white neighbourhoods while preaching diversity and multiculturalism and don't bus their children to all black high schools.
  5. You're confused again (what a surprise). Liberals don't want to live in black neighborhoods, they want black neighborhoods to be as safe and prosperous as white neighborhoods. Liberals don't want their children to go to black schools, they want black schools to be as good as white schools. Diversity and multiculturism does not mean people of different backgrounds should live together, that means groups of people live separately, have different views, traditions, customs and values and yet respect each other. Personally I don't agree with quite a few of those concepts, I am just trying to educate and explain to an ignoramus like you what liberals actually stand for.

    btw, Miloshevich vs KLA was just like Iran vs Iraq - there were no good guys in either conflict.
  6. Clinton's terror war against Serbia was shameful. We let our foreign policy be made by CNN. The "muslim victim" story played well for them then and they needed a war to keep interest up.

    Miloscevich's death while in custody is an enormous embarrassment to the Tribunal. While I fully expect the inquest to pronounce the death to be from natural causes, it should be obvious how dubious that is.

    At the very least, this fiasco demonstrates the wisdom of Bush in keeping the US out of the International Criminal Court, where US soldiers and our elected leaders would face similar kangeroo courts, run by european leftists.
  7. So you're saying multiculturalism and diversity equates to segregation. You're right. I am confused.
  8. once again,
    the only good klan is a dead1.
    with milobitch as your hero, ya are doom klans.
    in fact, your tombstone will read: this cracker was eaten by freedom fighting jihadists.
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    lol - good point.

    fact is, you will find most religious leaders go against their religion!

    did you know that the koran (would) denounces the use and manufacture of nukes - even for defensive reasons.
  10. Yeah, and while the black neighborhoods and schools are not safe and prosperous, liberals live in all white neighborhoods and send their children to all white schools. For the past 40 years now. The solution would be for liberals to actually move there. Things will get fixed really quickly then.
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