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  1. A little bird on a tree told me that this is worth zero as it is not considered a bailout candidate since US government plans direct loans rather than public-private partnership to fund education. :eek:
  2. Rated 1 star but down she goes...
  3. SHORT SLM. Let's see where this dog goes.
  4. Congratulations on your unrealized profit. Just hit intraday low.
  5. YEah I played this yesterday on the bounce and made out nice.

    Figured I'd play it again today at 4.79...
    SUCKERED, 4000 shares and I'm stuck over the weekend with them. THought for sure it would pop back up over $5

    I have time to wait anyway, so not too worried...BUT!
  6. Vtechno


    Keep an eye on it right now, as it's soon going to make a break up or down.
  7. whats amazing is the others have done so well (othe Edu finance/loan) yet SLM never recovered form that dreadful Obama announcement. I have 1200 shares left.