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  1. Anyone listen to their conference call yesterday? The CEO was totally clueless and couldn't answer questions to the point where one of the analysts said "But you're the CEO!" Later he talked about some investor conference in January where he'd have more details and recommended everyone get there early because they'd have to go thru a metal detector (WTF???). And at the end of the call, he said to the other guy "let's get the fuck out of here."

    Listen to it here:

    So who's shorting this thing? With a CEO like that, you gotta think the stock is toast. And I wouldn't surprised if some of those analysts punish the stock with downgrades.
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    Subprime mess has spilled over into student loans-- the whole industry getting smashed. Look at FMD. Looks as though there's still lots of downside with these names.
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    could be bargain at 17ish [​IMG]
  4. Nice dip today. :D
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    look at Nelnet, 52 week lows also...

    when these stocks do find a bottom along with all other stocks relating to credit problems you will see these stocks skyrocket 100-300% over a 2-4 yr period.
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    (RTTNews) - Sallie Mae (SLM | news | PowerRating | PR Charts ) gapped open higher and rose during the first 45 minutes of trading on Monday. This comes as the company announced that its Board has appointed Anthony Terracciano as Chairman of the Board, Albert Lord as Vice Chairman of the Board while also continuing as Chief Executive Officer and John Remondi as Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer.

    The stock is bouncing off last session's multi-year low as shares are up $5.89 at $22.56.
  7. Tried to catch this rising knife this morning. Damn my ass hurts.