Sliver Revolution

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    I've been following crowd sentiment on precious metals and it looks like the sentiment of silver is going through a revolution

    stage one - they ridicule you:
    a few years ago the crowd thought people who bought precious metals wanted to do so because it came with a tin foil hat

    stage two - they laugh at you:
    now sentiment seems to be you've had your fun, but those that are still holding onto/buying silver are in for a surprise when the price of silver comes crashing down on your believes

    stage three - can't remember what stage three is

    stage four - they were the first ones behind the idea:
    if it gets this far and the u.s. dollar doesn't collapse then once the crowd is bullish of silver, it tanks.

    the u.s. dollar does collapse, the price of silver skyrockets

    the u.s. dollar remains the same, everyone forgets about silver
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    John D Rock;
    Silver is a pretty good uptrend[favorite area of study];
    your last 2 scenerios seem rather unlikely,[but possible] especially your last one.

    Thanks for your fundamental points;
    i read fundamentals for fun,& simply enjoy reading................................................:cool: