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  1. Hi,

    I read on a lot of FX Brokers websites that they guarantee stop orders with no slippage.

    If I had a stop entry order placed as the Non Farm Payroll is announced, it looks from my tick data that the price gaps big time (e.g. EURUSD = 15 pips). Do you get the fills at highly volatile times like these? What kind of slippage should I expect?

  2. read the small print...all those wild claims are disclosed with small print that covers your scenario....

  3. liri


    I all the time have got my fills with the fxcm, even yestarday when the trade figure was realesed i did get my limit order execuded very fast, however i should say that i have mini account.

    hope this helps
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    limits are different from stops
  5. Yes, I do. My orders are usually filled without slippages during fast market movement or news release. Though there was one time I had almost 4 pips slippage. It is rare with their mt4 platform.
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    Impossible when using limit orders on news release. Yes an order can be filled without slippage if entry were made before news release but you can easily get into loss because it's a kind of 50/50 trade gamble trade. Got 15 pip slippage in average with Hotforex during NFP trades, and 5-6 pips at close. I trade news straddle
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    I have opened real account with several brokers and slippage are very common, especially during the news and real conditions. The minimum TP or SL price difference from current prices of past brokers are 30 pips and the trades were not filled at expected price (slippage).
    A broker claimed fix spread in all market conditions made me interested in and I have opened an account with them and figured out how do they prevent slippage for their traders.

    Here is the ss of modify order with 80 pips difference, slippage could be avoided, but it also put an obstacle for who those want to scalp but you can close trade manually if your trades are in positive positions.

    Is there other ways to avoid slippage?
  8. slippage is something we all have to deal with, in general i dont think its something we can avoid unless there is like a super computer that is kinda futuristic (or atleast thats how i look at it) the best we can do is maybe try avoiding them times that the slippage is at its peak, and make a habit of contacting the broker if the slippage is out of this world (or an obvious error)