Slippage on futures/ Frontrunning

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  1. I was wondering. If im routinely being filled with slippage and the time and sales indicate that trades went through without slippage at the same time without slippage what sort of recourse I may have against my broker. Basicaly there is a trend I am noticing for there to be slippage applied to my orders despite only trading one lot. When I check time and sales it appears there were fills that went through where they should have gone through conceivably allowing my broker to buy at this prive and then sell for a quick tick to me. This is obviously illegal if its true. Anyone have any experiance with this?
  2. Do you mean that the broker is able to delay or front run your orders on the electronic markets if the occasion appears?
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    and that for one lot ... ?!?!:eek:
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    How much pain you take on that one lot of slippage??:p , Call your broker and tell them no front running my little order. :eek:
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    Can you give a specific example: what was the bid/ask when you placed your (market/limit) order and what were you filled at? What instrument are you trading and what date/time?

    During quiet times when I place a non-marketable limit order I see my order go into the queue. When I place a market order (hit the bid or the ask) I see the queue size drop by my order amt and I get filled at the bid/ask appropriately. My broker isnt doing anything except providing a conduit for me to participate in the market.
  6. why don't you just trade it on your own? Many firms have front ends you can use yourself.
  7. What benefit would that have in front running a 1 lot?
  8. All im saying is that im examining the time and sales and time and again theres size going through at my buy or sell stop and yet im being filled a tick above or below my buy or sell stop. so in other words im getting crappy fills when im only trading one lot and yet theres size going through at better prices before mine. The question is why is that happening?
  9. Is your buy stop and sell stop a LIMIT or MARKET order? And what futures market(s) are you talking about here?