Slippage for ER2 YM

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by hawthtrader, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. I'm used to trading commodity futures and have been trying my hand daytrading YM and ER2 in simulation. (My trading plan for them is based on relatively modest gains per trade.) Can anyone give me an idea of the kind of slippage I can expect trading these contracts through IB if/when I decide to take the system live? Thanks in advance.
  2. usually just the spread. Exceptions would be if you are silly enough to place market trades at report releases, etc.

    I only use market orders on exit, and I usually sell the bid, or buy the offer. Sometimes I get a better fill, and sometimes worse if mkt is moving fast, but on balance. I lose the spread.
  3. Good point.. One of the reasons I trade the YM is due to less slippage. If you get a bad fill on the YM it will only cost you $5/per contract. A bad fill on the ES will cost you $12.50 per contract. This is the equivalent of your broker calling telling you hes charging you an additional $7.50 per market trade!