slippage at IDEALPRO

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  1. KS96


    USD/CAD sell stop @ 1.0062, filled @ 1.0055
    7 pips slippage at 10:04:45 CET on no news!

    Tight spreads my ass...
  2. pma


    Ouch KS! Sorry to hear that-time to switch brokers-have you tried trading currency futures on globex? Just trying to help-peace-
  3. fxpip


    Was this an entry order or closing one ?
  4. KS96


  5. KS96


    CS response unsatisfactory as usual:
    "There was a spike."
    Oh, yeah?? That's OK then...
  6. fxpip


    Was there some kind of acceleration ?
  7. joemiami

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    7 pips ?...that blows
  8. AC3


    That blows..... not sure I read what the size was but as long as it was a dealable size then your owed a decent price .. I understand a point here point there but that is a tough obstacle to get around .....BTW a piece today in the WSJ re the spike in liquidity in cash fx ... given that info you would expect that tighter spreads would follow....
  9. KS96


    More problems today:

    USD/HKD stop order at IDEALPRO (above the minimum size), executed at IDEAL at a rip off spread.

    Official answer:

    The order was executed at IDEAL because the price was better than IDEALPRO.
    (Again, there was a huge spike at the time of
    execution, which considered valid, and there
    was no specific reason given for it... according
    to the market-makers, the CR said.)

    Here we are talking about an execution of around 40-50 pips away from my stop-price.
  10. Steve_IB

    Steve_IB Interactive Brokers

    Stops use the bid/ask as the default. So if you had a sell stop in USD.CAD at 1.0062 then you would need to see the ask at our below 1.0062 in order for your stop to trigger. Then a market order is sent and you get filled on the bid.

    Check the attached time and sales. Ask is 1.0067 and then drops down to 1.0059. Normal market activity.
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