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  1. Hi All,

    New to this forum and hoping to share info and gain some insight...

    I've been using GFT for trading for the past 2 years - and pretty good service received have to add. The platform is quick although requotes do occur - especially when trying to enter in volatile times. Although this has been improving...

    I need a platform where volumes over $1M are guarenteed to execute at the price (using stops). I've experienced some slippage - especially a while back when the Canadian MPC cut interest rates. GFT guarentees a stop to execute up to a $1M and not further. Problem is I've got to a point where I'd like to start trading larger volumes (large than $1M) although no slippage (preferably guarenteed execution) is important to me.

    Any suggestions from you all out there based on experience...

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  2. Hi, told me that they guarantee stop prices regardless of size. (I have no account with them.)


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    Refco(fxcm) (same platform) - no slippage, no requoting. I'm not trading +1mio size, as am still managing less than 250k, but its "what you click is what you get. I entered USDCHF exactly at that seloff on friday at 1.3875 - and the order was executed at exact price, although it hang in "orders" window for about 10 minutes afterwards, but had an "executed" tag on it, and it moved to "open positions" eventually. I am not an intraday trader, dont change my decidions after I enter, and am still holding that trade, so this is not such a big problem for me.
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    Nope, sorry I just checked - same here (refco) - guaranteed stop loss and execution only on under 1 mio...
  5. "At GAIN, you will never receive a fill at any price other than the quoted bid or offer. More importantly, we stand behind this guarantee for ALL market orders, whether you're trading $100,000 or $10,000,000!"
  6. Thanks for the replies - marketman I suppose I was looking for a reply like that based on the title...

    rezo - I chatted to FXCM last night and they mentioned up to $10M in size can be executed with no slippage on stop-entries although i worries me that it hangs around in your orders window even though it has been executed. If the market had to reverse heavily - which it sometimes does after an announcement you would have problems if you are in the move only for the volatility - I realise you trade longer term. I'll take it up with them...

    headcutter - I'll check out GAIN although I hope they don't have a similar problem to FXCM.

    Cheers all
  7. Headcutter - my concern with this platform is it is JAVA based I realise from a technical point of view it is quite beneficial (I'm a developer myself) since no distribution problems as is the case with Windows based platforms but I have seen concerns posted with regards to Java (Web based) platforms freezing in times of heightened activity - this will be a big problem to me - any information/stats on Gain's uptime and number of system freezes...

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    Heres what IFX (- well known brokarage firm from London) says:
    IFX Direct is our professional dealing platform for Spot Forex and Exchange for Physical (EFP) Currency Futures. It is application-based and runs securely over the internet. The key to it is "Autofill", which enables you to trade instantly on price shown up to $25m, so you can be sure that the pricing is live, competitive and completely transparent, with plenty of liquidity. The system takes resting orders, take profits, stops, OCOs, if dones: all confirmed instantly.
    url is
  9. Thanks Rezo - I'll check it out. Sounds exactly like what I want. I'll give the demo account a run and let you know who it goes.

    All the best
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