Slick Willie, America's WORST President

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  1. Odd, it's not hard for me to be repelled by a con man. Anyway big happy dogs (as if that is what he is) have no business running great big nations.
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  2. YES I DO Think its working well. If the worst thing you can say about the election system is that in the last election the electoral college kicked in instead of the majority of votes then please don't forget everyone knew the rules AHEAD of time. Also no major movement by either party to change the system.

    IMHO opinion polls are not a good substitution for an election
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  3. While I can agree that your vote sends a message regardless of the outcome of the election I can not agree limiting speech (spending) by some keeps others from being limited.

    Why should a minority get equal access to lawmakers?? It doesnt make sense. In most issues there is two sides. I like the idea of giving the side that cares the most ( spends the most maybe) the final vote. Its one of the ways that we prevent some stupid laws from being made IMHO. ( not that we dont have to many stupid laws as it is)

    Anyway dont forget all the special interest groups are made up of people with a common cause. I think the more we limit the ability of people with smaller bank accounts to get organized and collectively spend on there common issue the more we are in danger of lawmakers doing whatever they want because the people will not have as many ways to get there message out.

    As far as corporations spending on elections...dont forget that corporation are again nothing more than people geting together to make a living.
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  4. Are you referring to the trend where the markets outperform when there is a demo president with a repub congress??
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  5. That is a truly brilliant statement. I wish I would've thought of it! haha
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  6. OOH!!! I've got one - how about the republican witchhunt following monica's BJ.

    That whole event truly made me disgusted to be an American. Seriously, that whole waste of time and money so the republicans could finally make clinton look bad - was truly shameful and partisan.
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  7. whatever. what about the freaking clinton body count? puhleeze.

    if your cult hero does it, it's OK. Anyone who says 'the emporer is naked' is a heretic.
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  8. Rigel


    Vince Fosters wife was in the oval office getting fondled by the most powerful man in the world, she goes home and talks to her husband, the next day he blows his brains out. Clinton was no big happy innocent dog. Among other things he had no conscience. Most people would have been overwhelmed with guilt but it didn't appear that he was, at least not a few months later as Monica was blowing him.
    Just exactly what does a person have to do nowadays to be considered a "bad person"?
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  9. Like the Police Commissioner said to Harry Callahan in Sudden Impact, "People have a nasty habit of getting dead around you."
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  10. peter77


    the economy would be better without w as pres
    alot better

    same for the markets

    the israel/palestine business was progressing before w
    now its going from bad to worse

    one group is led by a terrorist and the other side is led by a war criminal. w thinks if he says some bad things about the terrorist we will have peace. give me a break, the man has no clue.

    the absolute proof that w is clueless on economic matters is way the protectionist lobbies push him around. Reagan and Bush senior were never wimps when it came to trade because they undetstood economic matters.

    Slick willie was 20 times smarter than w when it came to the economy, that was how he survied all his other sickening bs

    Everybody would be alot better off if w was still back in texas frying inmates.

    Dole would have made a far better pres. w is a disaster and his vp is a non factor.

    don't pm me on this, its a disaster and I have nothing to add.
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