Slick Willie, America's WORST President

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  1. That's what so sad about the clinton groupies. as long as it pisses off a non-liberal, it's a good tactic to them. They seem to be more concerned with effecting malice than with doing anything like good public service.

    somebody get this guy his medication NOW.
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  2. Anyone who denies that the clintons and their cronies are criminals is still under their spell, and apparently happy to be there. Don't waste your time trying to reason with them.

    It's like talking to an alcoholic who thinks everything is fine, and even better when he drinks.
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  3. o did he? you mean the orcl who's ceo wanted to donate the database into which everyone's national ID information would be placed? No wonder clinton wants to be there.

    these people are freaking scary. and everyone who supported them -- who happens to have a conscience (and still be alive) --- will one day be very ashamed.

    I think I know what you're implying. It is not uncommon that the conservative administration takes the blame for the folly of the liberal administration that preceded it. It's strategy, Bung.
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  4. Yes - it also took 2+ years of Reagan's economic policy to undo Carter's stinking mess.
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  5. I dont like the idea of limiting my free speach ( campaign contribution limits) or the ability of a group of people getting together to fight for a cause ( campaign contribution limits).

    I also dont like the concept that having brand new people working in a job can do better work than experienced workers(Term Limits ). What other industry or business would do better if they fired everyone that reached their 8 yr mark??

    It may not be perfect by any means but I believe that our election system works very well( just because someone doesnt like the guy in office doesnt mean the system needs to be changed)

    As far as your ideas on how to free up police resources and lower taxes - I COULDNT AGREE MORE.

    IMHO drugs have been used very effectively to allow our government to invade our lives, take away our civil liberties, our money ( asset forfeiture laws) and allow local DAs to US attorneys to reach alarming police powers. If you really want to end the drug violence then decriminalize the drugs. duh.....

    When was the last time you witnessed two beer distributors killing each other for market share?? ( 1930s perhaps???)

    ok back to the charts:)

    ps - for those of you who may be wondering, I dont do drugs and dont think people should do them. I also dont think people should eat fried food, smoke, or drink. That does NOT mean I want to spend 30% of my income paying taxes fighting people who do.
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  6. so you really think an election system that makes it possible that somebody can become the president with a minority of votes is working very well?

    what kind of democracy is this? the democracy of the greatest nation ever?

    what kind of human being does one have to be by accepting being the president of a democratic country without the majority of votes?

    i'm not an american - but since your gov sometimes makes decisions affecting not only the us but the whole world ...

    anyway - don't get me wrong - it's not that i don't like W or the republicans - if gore would be pres now - and bush had more votes - i would write the same.
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  7. trdrmac



    I think the vote itself gives you free speech. But if you have more money than than I, then my free speech is put at risk because I will not receive the same portion of the politicians ear.

    As for term limits, I don't know about that. Where there are some fields that time builds skills, like surgery or law or many technical fields. I look at the university system and see how the tenure process has failed to offer students professors with any non text book experience in the past 20 years. Or how hard it is to go to the DMV or POST OFFICE or heaven forbid your local TAX COLLECTOR. Many of these people are entrenched and just don't give a crap. But if there were meaningful change I would not care how long they stayed in.

    And I agree, we have a efficient system, and clearly America is one of the better places to live. But that does not mean that there is not room for improvement.

    As for the drug issue, I don't smoke pot or drink. (Not now) But one thing I think is too funny, and maybe it is in the south. But just about every employer around here does pre-drug screening. What they should be doing is testing peoples breath for alcohol when the come to work or checking their medicine cabinets for prescription drugs. Since alcohol and legal meds are the 1 & 2 drug problems in America.

    But if nothing else we are consistently inconsistent in our focus on problems.
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    If we are going to blame the current mess Bush has to deal with on Clinton. And if we want to Blame what Regan had to deal with on Carter. Then it would only follow that the inflation Carter dealt with was created under the Ford administration. Otherwise the argument is non sequitur.

    Ford = Carters Mess
    Carters Mess = Regans Mess
    Regans Mess = Bushes Mess
    Bushes Mess= Clinton's Mess
    Clintons Mess = Bushes Mess.

    The fact is that markets run in cycles. Boom to bust and back. People talk about 1929, why, they dealt with the same issues.

    It is also funny that I have never heard anyone say "I am part of the problem." So let me be the first to say I helped to fuel the bubble. Ah I feel better now.
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  9. Never cared much for Bill but I'm pretty sure of two things about him and about his wife. He is not evil. I think of him as kind of a big happy dog - like the smart kid that was the head of Student Council. He is awful hard not to like.

    The wife - completely different story. She is the devil incarnate. She could never have gotten to the top of the Rose Law Firm any other way. This one has scared me from the get go.

    Not talking the politics, etc. - just what I think I can see of their souls over the years.

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  10. Good public service like the $100 million dollar Whitewater investigation and a decade of legislature paralyzed by partisan politics and vendetta? All of which resulted in one Clinton exoneration after another. I suppose your idea of good public service is debasing the social security system and running up massive budget deficits to offer token tax reform and fund massive subsidies and trade tariffs?

    Go on - give me another good laugh if you got one in ya?
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