Slick Willie, America's WORST President

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  1. Since bungie-boy started a thread bashing W why don't we bash a president who deserves bashing? How many ways did Willie screw America and how many lame excuses did leftists like bungie make for him? I'm guessing the list will number in thousands.
  2. even today his legacy is being felt... the Clinton generation -- the worst thing to hit America since draft dodgers.

    Don't forget the 'body count.'

    I always said, "Clinton is a gangster."

    Respectfully, though. Bung's OK. And I don't think he's a lefty. I think he's repelled by the failures of 'the establishment,' and, since the left claims that everything that goes wrong is non-left, maybe is tempted to believe what they say.

    My favorite lefty cliche, if it can be called a 'favorite,' is "market failure." Markets can't fail, any more than the wind can fail, or gravity can fail (markets are a natural phenomenon that is unique to humans -- imho). But when people build shoddy houses, the wind tears them up. When they build good houses, no problemo. They might even build windmills.

    When people do shoddy business, the market does it's thing --it takes away. And when people build sound does it's thing -- it rewards. The Invisible Hand never fails.

    Right now the market is punishing the folly that seemed to infect the entire nation under the Pied Piper of Little Rock (it certainly had influece over Robert Rubin's cronies). Those who refused to dance will come through mostly unscathed, maybe even richer...but you won't hear their stories as much as you'll hear from all the 'victims' who blame 'Bush and Cheney' -- and 'market failures.'
  3. Clinton and his crusading wife have and are killing this country. If Clinton had hunted down bin laden after the first WTC attack in '93 this would never have happened. After the Cole bombing he sends over some remote-controlled missiles. What a sorry ass he is. He sold out to the Chinese time after time. Vince Foster is at room temperature becuase he knew something they didn't want exposed. Nixon resigned over ONE FBI file stolen; Clinton pilfered 900+ files.

    Clinton WAS IMPEACHED but the media never lets us remember that, yet we hear about Dan Quayle spelling "potatoe" every time they need a joke to air. And of course all the liberal Hollytrash love to chime in and trash Republicans and conservatives every chance they get.

    Now Hillary is gonna protect us all if she gets elected. God help us all if the liberal media helps elect her.
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  5. Hillary ROCKS! I voted for her and I LOVE the fact she pisses you off so much. :) Shes an outstanding Senator, and I predict she'll be in office a long, long time.

    The Clinton's are admired and respected around the globe as thoughtful and effective leaders. Bill Clinton will be remembered as one of the GREATEST statesmen our nation has produced. His dedicated diplomacy around the globe has secured position in history.

    What have the BUshies got to show? Saddam left in power, Ossma & Omar on the run, and a train wreck of corporate malfeasance spanning the globe, from Texas to Turkmenistan.
  6. There isn't enough hard drive space on Baron's server to list all the things these 2 have perpetrated since they were elected to the governorship in AR. And I do mean 'they'. She's obviously got the brains, he the balls.

    Oh, wait . . . . that hard drive mysteriously disappeared from the Pentagon along with the other 2.
  7. bush takes office...the market crumbles...

    clinton even thinks about working for oracle, and everyone gets excited....

  8. It was under Clinton and Greenspan that the market became over inflated in the first place if you want to lay blame.

    In fact I remember during the FL recount every time it looked like Gore would win the market retreated because investors know that gore would 've taxed businesses to death.

    What ruined the markets was valuation and the promise that anything to do with the internet, even buying groceries, would guarantee succe$$. Today investors demand real earnings, not the "pay 225 a share now and we'll promise to earn 1 cent a share in 5 years" Yahoo crap that dominated the smoke and mirrors market of the '90's.

    Funny, everyone's quick to blame Reaganomics for the so-called excesses of the '80's but nobody's saying anything about the bullshit that was pervading the financial markets last decade.

  9. You know, to give credit for a rise to one president and to give blame to another for its decline is pretty lame. Yes Billy was buyin, and W has been sellin. Makes perfect sense to me. It almost makes as much sense to give credit for the economy to the president rather than to give him credit for his policies.
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    I suppose if we want to play partisan politics we could blame Regan for quadrupling the national debt, arming the taliban, arming the iranians. We could blame bush senior for not taking out sadam and a recession. We could blame Clinton for not taking out Bin Laden and bad make that horrible taste in mistresses. And we could blame Bush Jr for another recession, corrupting free trade and keeping corporate welfare alive and well.

    The fact is most people couldn't lead a retreat much less lead the world's most powerful nation. For one I think we need to have a government that serves and protects the people of this nation. Term Limits and an end to campaign contributions would be a good start. Maybe we could have successful business people run government for a while, as a payback for the opportunity to live and prosper in America.

    How about some real change in this country.

    Lower my taxes by having State and Federal Employees receive the same benefits and work the same five day work week that the rest of us work.

    Not including highway deaths alcohol kills 150,000 people each year. aspirin kills about 1000 people. Marijuana kills 0, excluding highway deaths. That's right 0. How about making pot legal, taxing it, lowering my taxes, and stop the incarceration of people who use it. Wonder if that would free up some space so that we don't have to keep releasing and re-arresting the same criminals?

    Oh, here is a radical one. Let's legalize prostitution so that we can tax it and lower my taxes. If it is done in a safe environment like Nevada, then we can stop: Johns from picking up diseases like aids (a social cost), we can stop Johns from getting mugged or killed (free up police resources), stop prostitutes from being mugged or killed (free up police resources), make people's neighborhoods less of an eye sore and lower street crime (free up police resources)

    Here is my favorite. There are about 50,000 adoptions each year. Yet there are about 100,000 adoptable children in foster care with an average age of 8. About 500,000 in the system at any one time. How about we find good homes for these children so that they can adjust to society. (A social savings) as about 70% of any prison population contains people from broken homes.

    This is real reform. This is a real use of tax dollars. This is a real use of our police resources to keep the streets safe. This is a real benefit for children.

    But I'm afraid it will be lack of business as usual.
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