Sleepy Joe created a disaster . Millions of job openings nobody will work

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    Just read a big article were business booming again in restaurants and shops but owners can’t find workers $600 plus a week unemployment or $15 an hr to sit on your sofa the next 6 months is more lucrative. The traffic in my area the worst I’ve ever seen . The fed unleashed a monster inflation from the bottle .The most job openings in history in my state I read
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  2. Duh, this was the first taste of UBI

    Watch out, here it comes..
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    All the stimulus packages were too much and poorly executed.

    as a result all the people who didn’t need the stimulus got it and those who actually needed it didn’t get enough. The incentives were and still are perverse.

    this is what happens when boomers run the country. (Goes for the current and previous administration )
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    This is what happens when you reward the lazy, and punish the hard working risk-takers.
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    Breaking news! Trump responsible for two out of three stimulus packages! Also record-breaking corporate welfare via tax cuts!
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    Maybe it will push salaries up. I remember during COVD panic going to the store and thinking ... these people are risking their lives for peanuts. That’s crazy, they should have been rewarded, but people who chose to go on unemployment got rewarded instead.
    I tell my kids - Work smart, not hard. If you find yourself working hard, make sure you are working for yourself!
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    I expect to see far more automation in stores over the next few years. Self-checkout was a good start, but I expect to see automated floor cleaners and shelf-restockers.
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