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    A few friends, especially in California (where trading hours and pre markets are early!) share how they've practiced to work with minimal sleep.

    I was wondering if anyone is successfully pursuing this.

    I'm thinking on attempting to do this, but work with a computer in bed while using minimal energy, except for my head and maybe eyes.
  2. Read up on the sleeping habits of Thomas Edision & Ben Franklin for some enlightenment.
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  4. "If you sleep more often, you can get by on a lot less sleep"

    Not sure where I saw that or read it, but it sure seems to be true. But only 4 hours a day? I couldn't do it. Some people need more sleep than others, and I am definitely one of those who needs more.
  5. If you sleep 8 hours per day and live to be 75 years old, you slept for 25 years.

    Cut down on the sleep and you get free years.
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    I heard it was genetic. Most people need to get 8 hours in order to function. Maybe 6 hours if you train yourself. But 4 or less, you need to be genetically endowed. Probably something to do with the amount of REM sleep one needs.
  7. But if you don't get enough sleep, you are asleep on your feet for the other 50. I don't want to live that life. Everyone is different.
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    human beings are extremely adaptable creatures....and for that matter the most underrated.

    having said that, the only way to know if your body can adapt is to gradually reduce your sleep.

    if you normally need 8 hours of sleep, start with 7 hours for around a month and reduce by 1 hour each subsequent month.....your body will be your guide.

    brief afternoon naps can be extremely helpful.
  9. Trading takes immense mental focus

    Why do you only want to sleep 4 hours a day ?
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    Big mistake. I night traded for the better part of 5 years.

    Male testosterone production begins to decline in the early 30's. Testosterone is primarily triggered through the HPTA (hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular-axis) via hormonal sequence GnRH > LH > Testosterone.

    The obvious trick is to maximize GnRH, which, incidentally, is released most at night, during deep REM sleep.

    You fuck up sleep, and you'll fuck up your testosterone, which will have a terrible effect on your libido, erections, weight, muscle mass and tone, thought clarity, mood and well-being. I know this through personal experience and it's well established in the scientific literature.
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