Sleep trading.

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  1. I run an automated system nearly 24 hours a day and I like to keep a close eye on it just incase. So in order to do this I have an LCD display mounted on an articulated arm next to my bed and have the system wake me up every trade to double check everything.

    Last night around 5:20 apparently I woke up and reset my application. It seems that I must have fell back asleep before enabling any of my agents, so my system sat there not trading until I woke up later that morning. The only problem with this is that I don't remember doing any of it! Which leads me to believe I might have been still asleep (or half) when I did it.

    Have any of you dealt with this issue? Or am I the first one dumb enough to experience it?

    Is there any tricks I could employ to make sure I am awake enough to make decisions, maybe have my system ask me to perform a simple math problem before it gives me access to the system, difficult enough that i couldn't perform them while asleep.
  2. jtnet


    FX system?

    just move it so u have to get out of bed
  3. danm. that would work. i was hoping for a solution that did'nt involve me actually moving :(
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    I had the same thing happened with clock radio. When you are used to it being in the same spot after awhile you can learn to turn it off without waking up, it takes a long time took me 6-7 months but it started to be regularly so I moved my clock and was fine for some time.

    So move the system around a little might help you.
  5. i do that with alarm clocks too, have 2, one main, and one "backup"...for the main i can turn it off without getting out of bed, but for the backup i put it away so i have to get out of bed to turn it off...

    every now and then during market hours i do some sleep trading too if i got to bed i get woken up by audio execution alerts every now and then, and monitor pnl and exposure while drifting in and out consciousness, like a crocodile with one eye open...not the best quality sleep though...
  6. Perhaps some random wakeup sound would work?
  7. WJ

    Get Transparent Screen Lock PRO. So you can observe, but to get any access to the system you need to enter a password.

    Put the password to x number of digits of pi (dont know how long it can be :) )

    Also great to stop the kids meddling.