Sleep is Important.

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    FX is insidious. Not because its hard. But because my day-time sleep made it hard. My memory, analytical and deduction skills are just absolute crap on day-time sleep.

    I just persevered instead of trading New York morning. Couldn't give up London/Asia, I thought !

    Took 8 months to recollect my number#1 strategy I traded for a month. Then took an extended vacation, only to realize I had forgotten it all. Wow.

    EST traders be warned. Day-time sleep is no joke. I couldn't remember a thing ! Plus I felt like crap all the time.

    Growth Hormone is important. Lesson learned.
  2. I use "Focus Smart" memory enhancing tablets and have 2-hour gym workout daily. I am trying to trade Forex 24h when ever opportunity comes. I will find out in a few months.
  3. My guess is that either you are not training with sufficient intensity, or you are overtraining. Just a guess. Either way, I'd be willing to bet you're spending too much time in the gym.
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    Execution is the no-brainer part. The learning curve takes years. Wouldn't mix it with crap sleep. Like pulling an all-nighter for a hard exam. Not good...
  5. I am 185ib/5'8". I think I train in higher intensity than the most in my gym. I may have hit a plateau. I will figure out sometime how to deal with it.:D

    Thanks for advice.
  6. Personally, I think intensity is the way to go for the best results. But 2 hours of it a day is overkill. Have you considered the possibility that your plateau may be a result of overtraining? Just wondering.

    As an aside, if you are a lean 185 lbs at 5'8", then what, exactly, are you looking for? When I was younger, I always wanted to get bigger, although I never took the juice. You reach a peak, more or less, that is difficult to overcome. But then the question arises, to what end? It takes too much ongoing effort to sustain an unnaturally large physique for your frame. You become a hostage to it. And the only people you will likely impress with the over-the-top bubble-boy muscles are other guys.

    Speaking only for myself, I think having a lean, fit and reasonably muscular physique (think more gymnast than bodybuilder bubble-boy) that doesn't take punishing daily effort to maintain is the way to go. Unless you're a professional athlete, I think it's about efficiency, meaning painting with a roller rather than a brush, and getting the most bang for your buck. I'll leave the land of diminishing returns to the gym rats.

    But that's just me. Your standards may be much higher.
  7. Could be. I do not know. I max out two types of the leg machines.I do have enough intensity. I read before rest is as important; but I have been too lazy to care about the nuances.
  8. Hey, I'm not big on excercise nuance myself, aside from proper form and adequate but not too lengthy rest between sets. As I said, I prefer the roller to the paint brush. I only do basic, compound exercises for the most part, and not too many different ones. My isolation exercises are at a minimum. And yes, recovery is key, otherwise you might as well wash your car with a dirty rag. Don't forget the recovery. Good luck.
  9. I like windsurfing, gladiator movies and long walks on the beach.