Sleazy McCain? NH primary poll

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  1. I don't make any secrete about how I feel toward the mormon church. But...
    The story is, is that McCain and crew sent this poll around. You ask me, this thing looks pretty sleazy

    Excerpts from controversial NH primary poll

    05:13 PM PST on Monday, January 14, 2008
    A survey of New Hamshire voters in November 2007 has prompted controversy over the nature of some of the questions.
    KGW obtained a copy of the poll script used. Here are excerpts, including some of the most controversial questions posed to voters.
    Excerpts from Moore Information survey of New Hamshire voters:
    Here are some statements about Mitt Romney. After hearing each, please tell me if you are more liekly or less liely to vote for Romney for President. IF MORE/LESS LIKELY: Is that much more/less likely or somewhat more/less likely?
    Q30: Romney is a member of the Mormom Church. The Church did not allow African Americans to be priests before 1978.
    Q31: According to a 2007 Boston Globe story, Romney has not served in the U.S. Military. Instead, while many people his age went to Vietnam, the Mormon Church got him a deferment so he could be a Mormon missionary in France. After returning from France he got a student deferment so he avoided military service all together.
    Q32: Romney's five sons have never served in the military. During a recent campaign event, Romney was quoted as saying that working in his presidential campaign is the same as serving in the military.
    Q35: Romney is a member of the Mormon Church. Mormons believe the Book of Mormon is more correct than the Bible.
    Q44: Opponents of Mitt Romney say that Romney not only does not have the courage of his convictions, but changes his positions to suit whatever office he is currently running for. In a time when America needs a strong, courageous leader to fight global terror, Romney's lack of real convictions and political opportunism means he is the wrong choice for President and someone we can't trust as Commander in Chief.
    Q45: Opponents of Mitt Romney say he lacks real American values and a true commitment to America. He got the Mormon Church to use their influence to avoid military service during Vietnam. When asked why none of his five sons were willing to serve in the military like John McCain's sons, Romney said with a straight face that they were serving the country by trying to get him elected President. Anyone who would tell us that working on a political campaign is the equal to service their country in a uniform and risking their lives does not understand what this country is about. Romney is the wrong choice to be Commander in Chief.
  2. If you agree to answer a poll, and the 'pollster' then responds by reading you line after line of shameless propaganda, how would you feel?

    The fact that McCain goes around insulting people's intelligence in such a fashion doesn't surprise me one bit. I've known for a while that McCain is about as honest as Bill Clinton... which is to say, <i>slightly</i> less trustworthy than a $3 bill.

    The question is: When will the rest of the country figure it out?
  3. Hmm, way sleazy.
    Are there mainstream religions that dont or didnt allow women to be priests, and when did african americans get to vote?
    Isnt it mormon practise to live as pacifists, (or something like that) according to their beleifs? Could be wrong on that one.....forcing someone to serve in the military, against their beleifs and ideology-how is that worse than "not serving", on that basis?
    A strong and courageous dubya?
    Just thinking out loud, but i'd say fairly low and sleazy.
  4. This is just asinine, seeing as a very large part of the book of mormon was copied from the KJ bible, and much of that word for word. Even at that, the book of mormon is their (the mormons) version of history of the americas. I don't think they are even competing books.

    Ya know, I don't much like sticking up for the LDS, but this stuff is like a bunch of punks blowing snot at burned out street walkers. Very disturbing.
  5. He's a politician; he's sleazy.

    How about Obama.. getting his team to stir up a race issue on the eve of a primary in a black state.. then calling for reconcilliation once his lead was assured. He's a sleazebag. They're all sleazebags. It's the battle of the sleazers.
  6. There <i>was</i> one honest & qualified man in the presidential race... but the American public was apparently uninterested in the prospect of getting the government's hands out of our pockets, and lifting it's boot from our throat.

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  7. Mitt Romney is a better man than me. The first time McCain started his blustering about how he cleaned up politics, etc and how no one else has contributed what he has, I'd remind him that he was one of Charlie Keating's errand boys. He escaped an Ethics Committee censure or worse largely because they didn't want to embarrass a POW.
  8. What exactly is honest about railing against and voting against big spending and earmarks while at the same time including earmarks for his constituents knowing the bills will pass?
  9. When the country was founded, RP would have been just another sensible supporter of an obviously wonderful political concept but today RP's literal approach to the Constitution is radical and revolutionary.

    Government programs have been insidiously woven into the economic fabric so that it would be impossible to extricate them, except over a long period, without causing the fabric to disintegrate.

    RP has an important message to deliver and he's delivering it, but most Americans find his message both stirring and threatening because it addresses the disparity between what America is and what it was meant to be. It may take a generation or two for the Ron Paul effect to manifest in meaningful election results but once an idea comes into being and is propagated it tends to persist until it becomes irrelevant.

    The idea that America is straying so far from it's conceptual roots that its identity as a free society of individuals is imperilled can only become increasingly relevant as time passes.