SLB, TYC, and MWA to open lower

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bestfriend, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. All 3 gapped up on the close substantially. TYC is trading well above the sum of the TYC when -issued securities. Look for all 3 to open down.

    MWA is a special case--a threshold security. The inability of most people to borrow this stock allowed the specialist to gap it over $2.50 at the close.
  2. Watch and learn....s&P up, these 3 open down. I guarantee it.
  3. Watch and learn????

    Do you think you're a genius for realizing that they won't open anywhere near their bullshit closing prints from fridays Russell rebalancing?

    Thank for sharing your "wisdom".
  4. You are welcome.
  5. The three of them are a buy right now
  6. Khaled,

    I thought we had you detained at GITMO?