Slavery Reparations Gaining Momentum

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pabst, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. If all African Americans left, I guess you would have to move to Africa, because, you know, you seek out living in the same neighborhoods....

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  2. Pabst


    Actually they seem to seek out the hoods I'm living in........

    But I don't move. To get close to my place in Florida they'd have to exhibit those nautical skills Al Campanis found lacking........
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  3. Ahhhh, so you built a moat because you think black people can't swim?

    You really are paranoid....

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  4. reg


    Agree. This condition should be put on the table whenever any talk of slavery reparation is brought up.
    Slavery is wrong and should never be practiced, but blacks should also realize that if their ancestors weren't brought to America, they would most probably still be in a country like Sierra Leone chopping each other's limbs off. A war costing 370,000 American lives was fought to free their ancestors, opening up opportunities for them today that they will never find in any African country.
    So if talk of money for slavery ever comes up again, there should also be parallel talk about what mode of transportation they would prefer for the trip back to the motherland.
    Reparation for Repatriation.
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  5. Pabst


    Not "just" a moat but rather a series of canals bounded by the ocean and the inter-coastal and guarded by Brazilian bred security gators. The more expensive Brazilian's will only attack darker skinned people and for 10k or so, one can purchase a gator so well trained in pigmentation that he'd know the difference between a very sun tanned George Hamilton type as opposed to let's say, Moises Alou. (although Moises has a team of guard gators as well).
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  6. I am NOT endorsing this idea or the underlying prejudices behind it, but don't you think many of them would take the cash, travel to Africa... and then come right back to the U.S. (legally or not) within a few weeks?
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  7. Pabst


    Perhaps branding would be un PC.

    But if they come back while palming some blonde hash for the rest of us in the States.......?
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  8. That's what I say to my girlfriends about head, but they always have an excuse.
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  9. Excellent point. The presence of blacks in America has proven to have been a terrible burden to whites. Any honest accounting would have blacks owing whites many times over.
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  10. You wonder? Is it not obvious?
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