Slavery Reparations Gaining Momentum

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  1. Now im pissed! The Great War of Southern Independence had lots of losers. I want reparations for the plantation my great grandfather lost to the carpet baggers!
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  3. Ridiculous.

    Black tribes in Africa tended to provide the slaves. There were black slave owners in the South and it was commonplace in Africa. In fact, there still are blacks in Africa that have slaves!

    Perhaps Egyptians should compensate Jews for enslaving them eons ago.
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  4. Reparations should be paid in the currency at the time of the crime, e.g., Confederate dollars.
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    slavery is STILL practiced in Africa, black enslaving blacks ... 2001/marafrica.htm

    so much for "white guilt"
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    Maybe we can reach an agreement on this issue - we pay them reparations but they have to go back to Africa. Deal?
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  7. I don't get what you're scoffing at Maddy. You seem to think it's only rightwingers making a big ado about nothing. Yet folks in favor of gay marriage, in favor of limitless third-world immigration, in favor of mocking American tradition, in favor of reparations to blacks kick up at least as much dust. They are just as adamant that we must have these things, that a status quo without them is simply intolerable, as the people who oppose them feel that such events would bring ruin. I wonder, do you spend as much time jeering at their teacup-tempests?
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  8. You make good points. Plus, these activists have history on their side. Like spoiled brat children who know if they whine and throw enough tantrums, they will eventually get their way.

    The Republicans have demonstrated over the years that they will wilt in the fact of a racially based attack, even if it means selling out their supporters. Look at what they did on renewing the Voting Rights Act provisions that make southern states second class citizens which must get the Justice Department's approval for actions that are constitutionally entrusted to the states. They couldn't sell out their southern base quick enough to satisfy some of the ankle grabbers in the party.

    My advice to blacks is to organize huge demonstrations like the illegal immigrantion lobby did, then get Jesse Jackson and the other race hustlers to coerce corporate America to go along with reparations. It won't take much, as country club republicans will not fight for anything other than stock options.
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    Sometimes I wonder if there is a breaking poing somewhere in the future.
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    I'd support that initiative. It would reap HUGE benefits for all, including African-Americans and African states.

    What if the U.S. gave $100,000 to every man,woman and child willing to permanently emigrate to a list of certain African nations? A place like Liberia would be infused with fresh business and job creating capital. Africa would receive Americans who were educated in a costly if not proficient public education system with the bonus of having grown up in a powerful market based economy, albeit one they didn't participate much in.

    In return, those African's who were repatriating back to the Dark Continent could count on a new start in a cheaper cost of living environment. I'm sure the cultural assimilation will be a snap. Gang wars, tribal wars, what's the diff? Imagine never having to wear a T-Shirt again touting "You wouldn't understand. It's a BLACK thing." Does the term whitey even exist in the Liberian vernacular? Seems like kind of an anachronism in the very absence of white. Although I 'd guess there's a few Jews or maybe by now, Koreans, with a Jerri-curl distribution in Liberia.
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