Slavery Reparations Gaining Momentum

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pabst, Jul 9, 2006.

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    Maybe he was hungry, that's why he stole and killed in selfdeffence??? Those were hard times....
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  2. Doesn't matter.

    If you White, the bullet you must bite!
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  3. Well ain't that just great for the black-race-ers?
    What duh hell we gonna do bout all them chinky chinese we enslaved to the miner's towns for cheap durty sex and clean laundry?

    TJ- I bet you could tell us a story bout dat one darkie who tried to run away and swim duh whole rivrr' with all that chain hangin' on him too?.

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  4. A part of me would like to see slavery reparations go though. I'd like to see the mexicans and the central americans here (now illegally, but soon to be given amnesty) have to pay the blacks. There is a lot of hatred towards the blacks in the "latino community" here in california, and I suspect the latino community would start swinging.
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  5. " You don't have to live like a refugee!" (Tom Petty)
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    Chapelle is renowned for sure, what an insightful guy. My mom is an Amerind, I really think us Indians are first in line for repatriations and the bill is going to be a lot bigger than the difference between a slave's income and a sharecropper's.

    I wish Jews had been the first here in the USA not those pie in the sky religious folks. Jews would have cut a deal with my ancestors to get commish for selling the whole place to the white man, they would still be on vacation. In fact, the realization that they had missed out on all that commish is what drove them to be the lenders to the US government, proven fact.
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  9. Maxpi, we may be relations. Ya got any Cherokee in ya? I have a picture of my paternal great-grandmother whom they claim was Cherokee. About four feet tall, quite wizened, and I am quite certain, half black!
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  10. :confused: what happened? weren't we supposed to be back on the gay marriage thing? or mexican immigration? flag burning? or was it north korea? ah, so much interesting stuff going on.

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