Slaughtering Bears - like fish in a barrel

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jahajee, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Are there any more sellers left?

    Record down moves followed by record up moves and
    volatility shrinking rapidly.

    This is the power of Big Government - pump in trillion$ and ban short selling, after which there is only one way -- UP UP UP
  2. All the 4-1 margin and 3-1 margin shorts got blown out of the water
  3. anybody stupid enough to be short over the weekend knowing they were going to do something probably deserves a little squeeze.
  4. rickf


    On those 3:30 rallies Friday and today yes, it was like shooting fish in a barrel....very easy to do one of those "jump on the train" type of strong trend trades and come away big with a runner or two.
  5. Those trading or investing on Nouriel Roubini's recommendations deserve to lose all their money and then some.
  6. dsq


    1 day a trend does not make.
    How was the volume today-kind of low for a record up day?Short the rallies.Maybe a day left in this rally and then bye-bye.Whipsaw up and down.
  7. charts


    don't try to catch a falling knife
  8. the feds and banks need the shorts.

    ban shorting all the way down, get everyone and their brother itching for a short. give em a glimpse of the apocalypse.. let a tide of newbs roll in once the selling is complete, then squeeze like lemons.

    trapping shorts with an intricate patchwork of policy is probably one of the only banking/policy profit centers left.

    really the best thing anyone can do is refuse to participate, particularly shorts.

    the sooner everyone leaves the table and lets this charicature of a free, level market-place shrivel and die, the sooner we can get back to some semblance of fair, free market trading.

    don't participate. especially shorts. starve the beast
  9. The bulls are talking alot of shit after getting smoked for 8 days straight.......any bear that is this greedy needs to be taught a lesson.
    the bounce was due...but still just a sharp vicious bounce.

    Scalpers and short term traders are having an early X-mas. Keep them coming.
  10. anyone who thinks the volatility suddenly ended today
    is smoking a very peculiar form of rope
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