Slaughter at the close..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Batman28, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. if you're long you're grave yard is ready..
  2. the market is only up because of inflation, prices etc. it has absolutely nooooooooooooooooooooooo business to be trading at this level. this is a hugeeeee gap
  3. redpr


    :p ohh my
  4. i think it's a good idea to start shorting what do you think?
  5. you gotta be nuts not to short seriouslyy.. short short short go go gadget!
  6. down down down down..
  7. i see long suicides, what do you see?
  8. Just curious, Batman.

    Haven't you posted this type of thing before and gotten your ass handed to you?
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    It is forming a pretty nice long pattern on the daily chart. I am definitely a buyer after 12770. Bull shit IBM news pumped this market up all day so people are definitely using all the good news they can get to pump this mkt up. Long term I am with you reason for this market to be where it is right now...but hey what do I care I am a scalper.
  10. i see a guy whos posting crap on forums instead of actually trading
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